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Thursday, January 30, 2014

L type Rotifers and brine shrimp nauplii.

Best Fishes

Uno the lone SXK

Best Fishes

Friday, January 17, 2014

Conjoined twin zebrafish

This conjoined twin zebrafish was found at work this week. It has two distinct heads and fuse at the spine. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The best small tub: MacCourt Super Tub

This is the best inexpensive tub that will fit my 6 x 2 foot costco racks 36 x 24 x 8 inches 23 gallons.  The local hardware stores sells them for $14.  They are heavy duty HDPE or similar plastic and are much stronger than the pvc tubs sold for a similar price at Home depot. The are stocked at ACE hardware stores.  The ridges add to their strength but unfortunately the ridges in the bottom interfere with my preferred bulkhead placement but I can work around that.  

36" x 24" x 8"
23 gallon capacity
3.2 cu. ft. capacity

革新!当歳の部!穂竜愛好会品評会レポ4 Japanese Black telescope pearl scales REPUBLISHED


The delayed and I'm sorry m (__) m
Last year's ear dragon lovers meeting It has become that the report of the fair crosses the year (° Д ° ;)
Has had to go out to various fairs every weekend because it
Although continued until mid-November, was advanced a report that had been accumulated then,
The end of the progress of the work and enter the year-end party in December,
Poor physical condition and some family travel end of the year.
I was being chased by restoration work PC is in a slump and apart.
And so that it is not such a thing this year,
Death I have to write as soon as possible as soon as possible.
But, it's me write up a report immediately after the fair visits,
It's that tough time and physical strength also got a nest · · · ('; ω; `)
While I have the understanding side, and, if you can read.
The Department of yearling fish this time.
Death where I wanted to write the most ear dragon fair report.
Before the introduction of photo yearling fish,
The story of the fall two years ago (2012),
Story after the ear dragon fair.
I would think that it was When I finished writing the fair last report,
Publicity of ear dragon lovers meeting inabou's from 
I received an email.
Since "go to Kagawa," the number members of society,
Why not come and if good?
It was with.
In fact at this time, @ Matsuyama,
While I think "To you doing it? (· Ω ·) would you going to Kagawa," said
I was thinking vaguely to the extent it does "- wonder if going to see a Japan Netherlands".
@ Matsuyama, because it was not able to travel on account of the work at this time, we respectfully refuse,
After that I had forgotten (laughs)
Inabou's photo right

You might say is "go to Kagawa" that,
And to come led to the fair of 2013,
I did not think dream (° Д ° ;)
(The w later or if lead)
The story returns to the ear dragon lovers meeting fair of 2013.
Yearling sector is the end examination of fish from the first two parts,
Basin will continue filled sequentially.
The department can be as entry non-human it was caught in the upper fair in the past two-part,
I was newly established from this time.
It is the introduction of the top three.

Part 2 portion of the yearling fish

First place!
Beautiful color "golden rice" is to have been expressed,
- Was impressive friendly ('over `) Bruno overall ヽ is also feeling the tail body also is made properly!
2 place!
It is integrated balance is good!
Hey cute hat is like a Cobb ヽ atmosphere was dignified that I do not think of yearling ('over `) Bruno head is placed and Chokon.
3 place!
Impressive tail and an open backup.
I think eye also has come out so good as yearlings have plump body also (° Д ° ;)
top finishers of other fish @ Matsuyama was worrisome.
Transition piece of a bit big for the body to plump.
It was a solid atmosphere not to Rashikara yearling.
Here is cute! Pups feeling.
W of the dark brown over the back has issued a bulky feeling from ('over `) Bruno head Ssu ヽ It is interesting to watch impression is completely different from in the individual in the same ear dragon
Following parts yearling fish (1 part).
Amateur, let alone look at the fair of ear dragon also goldfish in general,
That the second time just even with @ Matsuyama,
I felt innovation.

Department of yearling fish

First place!
I'll try to post two photos.
Body was plump, eyes developed, meat aneurysm of course,
The Notice is tail.
Fish species that are Pending, but I had to ask also from the previous year Sakaki president talk of developing ... still,
Equal to the "evolution" and "developing".
That evolution had appeared strength of the tail, the beauty of swimming.
The photo above might be easy to understand.
Many of the top yearling fish, including a victory this fish,
"Tail tight beautifully even though swim" I Σ (`· д · 'Bruno) Bruno
The @ Matsuyama, it might be found soon because I take pictures.
Without shooting aiming, 
Tail is beautiful! Σ (`· д · 'Bruno) Bruno
Dragon ear up to the previous year,
If you swim, tail or rather would have been absolutely folded,
pups outer rib is defeated in water flow have been often seen.
Offspring, such as among the top five yearling truly is,
There is applied before the tail, although it was a beautiful even if it works,
If you look in a comprehensive manner, photos like this was cause more absolutely.
Is the offspring of 10 of the previous year following yearlings this photo (reference photo).
But part of yearlings of fair of this time,
Outer rib of the tail becomes stronger than the top fish of the previous year clearly,
It was handed down tail is burrs's getting stronger Σ (`· д · 'Bruno) Bruno
In just one year! 
What must've happened to ear dragon on earth ...
2 place!
Beautiful body color! I've been chubby.
There is a ('over `) Nomokomoko feeling ~ ヽ tail was also beautiful, in pups who received a gentle impression,
I would imagine those who are made is, wonder if delicate.
Try to put a cute picture that we have taken by chance (^ ^)
Tongue and the runner-up, www, such as that asked the state of this place from the gap at the edge of the basin
3 place!
ear dragon lovers association members that @ Matsuyama spoke for the first time,
Fish have the T's.
(Previous year, was please be as very carefully if you speak at the venue)
Minute meat mass is modest, Matsuyama @ w is an easy pups to watch
The shin is made tail, cleanIMGP9843
4 place!
Body color was a lot of looks first.
('Over `) Bruno tail was also beautiful ヽ beautiful blue color, and the golden rice. 
5 place!
In terms of shooting easy, and even if it works ヽ was the pups with a tail that was robust enough to be comparable to win yearling fish ('over `) Bruno
Mr. Fish has inabou. Is indeed!
6 place!
Yearling fish of the same T's third place.
Atmosphere we'll also similar!
Golden color of the back, Byute Ho!IMGP9931
7 place!
Move around violently, pups w shooting was difficult Kiwamarinaka~tsu
Mecha is healthy!
When I shot, to come closer just here,
Since splashing and do "Esakure" at the border,
M that did not have a good photo (__) m
Cobb to the head is heart-shaped charming,
ヽ that I was chubby body also ('over `) BrunoIMGP9863
8 place!
As with pups in the 4-position part of parent fish,
It was impressive color of the meat mass is seen in red.
(If you look at the ranking list now, I had, was the fish have the same person!)
Tail an official with the zap is superb. (W that is not within the angle of view)
9 place!
Shooting was easy even this offspring (¯ over ¯)
Tail, a round body which was a whack,
Meat mass which appeared with Chokon Hey is cute.IMGP9887
# 11!
Pups I thought a well-balanced, all is well developed.
Spread of the tail is to be splendidly,
There was a heavy presence, which is not to think with the yearling.
In addition, pick up a few fish offspring to be worried about @ Matsuyama.
It is a perfect take before, but something?
Pups w of feeling
Although such words is be no good,
To have been top 10 if enough tournament last year,
I thought @ Matsuyama (° Д ° ;)
(it is personal impression. sorry)
A ('over `) Bruno vivid golden yellow that can be sooo love pups ヽ covers half of the head-body personally,
blue that enters the other half,
Photos Death ヽ nice color, such as if it had been designed like dancing ('over `) Bruno.
Who was to accompany fair orchid Muguramochi Mr. Fish has.
Although I think that it is yearling fish together properly,
Department of yearling because I was level up overall ...
The expected death to re-challenge of the year!
Well, @ Matsuyama is resting in the smoking areas in between takes,
I was allowed to Greetings executive director T's ear dragon lovers meeting that we have come.
Mr. T is the feeling that the site of fairs have also been partitioned Bashibashi,
How can a seemingly Kowamote,
're Talking about a goldfish, it is more fun to be kindly.
Mr. T, the very beginning,
"So what is this year?"
@ Matsuyama, told an overall things like said before.
And "Death was surprised or not the outer rib to evolve far in just one year."
T's and "because it has a way of making with an emphasis on swimming" in feeling Wagaiwoetari.
T, who had been out to (2009 issue) goldfish absorbed in No. 2.
Because I knew I also read that it is to have the experience of Ranchu breeding,
I tried to ask "again? Do you has been applied to the breeding technology of Ranchu" he said.
Then Mr. T, laughed at grin (¯ over ¯)
"Shikoku Netherlands"
Oh! Or that kind of thing! In the head of (`· д · 'Bruno) Bruno @ Matsuyama Σ,
Respectable tail of yearling talk and ear dragon lovers Board members and his friends called "go to Kagawa" that was introduced at the outset Al Batin! I combine with Σ (`· д · 'Bruno) Bruno
To make one after another in the Netherlands with a tremendous tail,
Have been raised tremendously level of goldfish in a few years,
Japan Netherlands lion mask lovers meeting .
The Headquartered in Kagawa Prefecture Higashikagawa Hikida,
Each year, @ Matsuyama also has asked to visit the fair .

Reference fish of Japan Netherlands lion mask lovers meeting national competitive show tournament in 2013 (fish have Chairman)

However, I wonder why I thought that it'll send you updates with the latest technology of Japan Netherlands ...?
Moment, but the question was floated and,
That's right!
What's dice dragon ear, or I'm Pearl scales
Roots is the Netherlands! 
(The: see here ear dragon lovers meeting HP )
Mr. T "correct answer (¯ over ¯)" he said.
It has a technology exchange and member of Japan's Dutch lion mask lovers meeting,
It is said that with reference to the breeding method.
Even so, de amateur like me though it is a just one year,
And a creating fish known to have changed obviously ...
And just because you were taught,
By applying to fish species of their own soon,
You immediately being able to put the results,
It is great! Σ (`· д · 'Bruno) Bruno
But I did not have time to ask until breeding a specific method,
Depth of goldfish breeding,
Effectiveness of breeding technology,
Horror of Japan Netherlands lion mask,
And I felt that was confronted by vividly the greed to pursue the good fish ear dragon lovers Association (° Д ° ;)
No ~, following the previous year,
W to you and continue to be amazed by the ear dragon lovers Board's
When this rate I great expectations fall of this year ~ ヽ ('over `) Bruno
All in all, introduction of the winning fish, but is over,
The report followed a little later.