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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mid June's Shubunkin fry

I saved about a dozen eggs from some yarn mops in the main pond in mid June. I think the parents were largely Shubunkin.

They are raised in greenwater and daphnia and grew quickly.  Fairly consistent with my theory of an inch of fish per month if keep growing well.

While harvesting some daphnia from my main culture today I found an escaped fish. It's about 5 weeks old and pushing a solid 2 inches long.

Here is one of the siblings (see all the pictures here) moved to a smaller tub where they've cleaned out all the daphnia.  They are about 1/3 the size of the big pig.

Here's the Blue fish from the same spawn.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Portland Koi and Goldfish Show

Had a great time at the show.  Click here for Pictures.  Met a ton of great people, found a bunch of fish happy homes and brought home the yellow fish.

If anyone took pictures of my booth I would be grateful if you could email me pictures.

Best fishes

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Breed: Yellow Matte Commons

Had the good fortune to purchase a new fish at the Portland Koi and Goldfish Show's auction.

They are a Trio of the newest goldfish on the Market: Matte Yellow Common with and Apricot color.

Click here for all the pictures.

Male showing his stars

The Trio


Female one

Female two

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feral Japanese Trapdoor Snail, Anacharis and Hornwort (Native)

Today on the way to lunch I looked in an urban water way and was delighted to see a japanese trap door snail!

Now on an ecological basis this is a very bad thing but now that I have a place I can harvest golfball and larger snails from I'm very happy to help reduce the population.  The population does not seem to be taking over by any means, they have a very specific habitat and are only in those area.

I bought a bunch last year (they've doubled in price since then) but the coons ate them all.

In about an hour of active looking I found about 28 of them with the largest being a good 3 inches from point to point.

They are now in quarantine and are hopefully the start of a large colony as they are so expensive to buy from the wholesaler or to import.

I also collected some hornwort, elodia and anacharis and will be putting it through the same PP baths as the snails.

It's always hard letting go

Sold 5 Wakin, shubunkin and sarasas to Joe, the guy I built the big tank for, I know it's not as bad as having a fish die but letting them go is hard.

Every fish he picked, I picked by hand and most of them I recognised. Can't keep them all! I guess part of the joy is knowing they are going to a very good home that I built.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


These guys will be ready to ship in about  2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Went to cherry pick at the whole sale

Went to cherry pick at the whole saler a week and a half ago.

The good thing about a slow economy is there are lots of nice fish to pick from. There was a particular batch of Ranchu that were as nice as I've seen from commercial Chinese sources. They were so nice I picked up all 31. They spawned a day or two after I got them home and their fry went out in a daphnia tub one week after I picked them up.

A couple nice black pearlscales

The bubble eyes were also extremely nice. Lots of vivid reds, whites and a few that I might even call yellow.
Panda Butterfly tail

The pearlscales


Tricolor butterfly tail (one small eye but a very nice fish)
Lionhead with a Heart. We'll call him Valentine