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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bristol Shubunkin double tail (Parker) 2011

Double tailed Bristol Shbunkin (Parker) 2011 spawn 2. 

Does that make it a calcio Wakin? ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Black x Japanese shubunkin

Tub Covers

These are two Laguna tubs, two 8 foot suntuff polycarbonate roofing panels.
Keeps the heat in, debris out and a couple c clamps and it's raccoon proof. Had 5 to 8 raccoons in the yard last night.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A shelf in the garage


"In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes."
-Steven H. Coogler

Matsuyama x Oishi 3/11

Goldfish varieties and genetics: a handbook for breeders

Goldfish varieties and genetics: 

a handbook for breeders 

A new book for the garage. 
The goldfish, Carassius auratus, a member of the Carp family, Cyprinidae, has been domesticated for many hundreds of years, as a food fish, a laboratory animal and now most important commercially, for ornamental and aesthetic purposes. There are now many scores of recognised varieties, which have been produced over time by selection processes and other methods described in detail in this stimulating book.

Goldfish Varieties and Genetics covers all major aspects relating to goldfish breeding and genetics in a readable and user-friendly style. An account is presented of the domestication and evolution of the goldfish, including comprehensive details of the relevant genetic and biological principles involved in the development strategies and production of new varieties. The book also covers the subject of goldfish appreciation and the international significance of goldfish shows and show standards. The book concludes with an exciting forward look at the potential evolutionary future for the goldfish.

This important and timely book brings together, for the first time, a wealth of scientific information, presented in a clear and understandable manner by Dr Joseph Smartt, who has many years' experience working in fish genetics and breeding. The book is a must-have purchase for all serious goldfish breeders, hobbyists and dealers, fish biologists and geneticists, aquarium keepers and aquaculture personnel.

The author, Joseph Smartt is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, UK.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Matsuyama x Itoh 3/11 5 months Ranchu Development Series fish

These are the ranchu development series fish.  They are 5 months old.

A Tancho and Jade Seal, yin and yang, or possibly Pancho and Lefty?

At time of this pictures

From date of spawn

Monday, August 15, 2011

Midnight Shubunkin Male x Japanese Shubunkin Female (melanoma) 8/15/11 spawn

Today I found a Japanese Shubunkin female caught up on the pond netting that drooped into the pond.  She was dripping with bright orange eggs when I picked her up.  I floated her in a tub, gathered some hornwort and caught the midnight male from the pond.  Squeezed them over the hornwort and got them back into the pond.  While the female isn't a midnight she is so melanistic that I noticed she was missing a pelvic fin.  A closer look revealed that it had been replace with a melanoma.  
Hopefully black to black = more black.

The Midnight Shubunkin Male.  He's been crossed to
Bristols and now Japanese Shubunkins this season.

Japanese Shubunkin Female (melanoma) crossed (IV) to midnight Shubunkin 
male on hornwort. Missing a pelvic fin due to melanoma.  Bright orange eggs.

Japanese Shubunkin Female missing pelvic fin due to melanoma

Crossed to midnight Shubunkin male. Missing a pelvic fin due to melanoma.

Midnight Shubunkin Male

The Midnight Shubunkin Male.  He's been crossed to
Bristols and Japanese Shubunkins this season.

3/10 mL 1/2" 30 gauge insulin needles

For giving fish shots.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Goldfish in Space the final Shuttle Mission STS-135

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (CBS) When Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off and marked the last and final chapter in the shuttle program, a science experiment by some Chicago Public Schools students was onboard.
Their teacher, Kori Milroy, was at the Kennedy Space Center to watch the launch Friday morning, along with Eren and her family. Eric watched from Chicago.
“We are really excited,” Milroy said in a telephone interview on the CBS 2 Morning News. “We are standing here at KARS Park on Kennedy Space Center property; we are actually watching the launch from the place where NASA employees watch the launch. We’re very excited.”
Eren and Eric’s experiment is titled, “Will Microgravity Affect the Development of Goldfish?” It was among 77 proposals for a microgravity experiment design contest at the school, which were judged by a panel representing such institutions as Fermilab, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the Adler Planetarium.
The experiment involves sending a fertilized goldfish egg into space, and determining the effects of microgravity on the growth of the embryo. Once Atlantis returns, the vial holding the as-yet-unhatched goldfish will be returned to Skinner West, so the students can study the results and draw their conclusions.Those judges narrowed down the proposals to the top three, and NASA chose Eren and Eric’s project as the winner, Milroy said.
With a grant from Motorola and a donation of goldfish from PetSmart, Skinner West teamed up with the SSEP program, which coordinates with NASA to send students science experiments into space, CPS explains.
And it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, since this was the last liftoff before the Shuttle Program is retired permanently.
Atlantis launched at 10:26 a.m. Chicago time for Mission STS-135. Cmdr. Christopher Ferguson, pilot Douglas Hurley, Sandra Magnus, and flight engineer Rex Waldheim are flying to the International Space Station on a 12-day mission, CBS News reports.
When they return, the 30-year-old shuttle program will be history.

Aquatic Habitats (AHAB) of Apopka, FL, would like to congratulate Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc. and Kori Milroy’s class from Chicago’s Skinner West Classical Fine Arts & Technology School on their involvement in the final space shuttle mission. Joe and Cheryl Pawlak of Blackwater Creek provided ornamental goldfish eggs to be taken into space on Atlantis STS-135. Using Blackwater Creek’s goldfish eggs, Mrs. Milroy and her students studied the tasks involved with the preparation and planning for a shuttle mission as well as the effects of embryonic development in zero gravity.

Goldfish in Space STS-65 9 July 1994

Goldfish in Space.

Mission details:
Flight data
Mission duration23 - 7 01:43 19:38 July 09, 1994 (Japan time)
Total of 14 days 17 hours 55 minutes
Shuttle flight No.STS-65
Shuttle OrbiterColumbia (th flight OV-102/17)
Orbit inclinationApproximately 300km (circular orbit) at 28.5 ·
  • D · Robert Cabana (Commander (Captain) / NASA)
  • D · James Halsell Jr (Pilot / NASA)
  • Richard J · heave (Mission Specialist (MS: mission specialist), Payload Commander / NASA 1)
  • Carl E · Waltz (MS / NASA)
  • A · Donald Thomas (MS / NASA)
  • Leroy Chiao (MS / NASA)
  • Chiaki Mukai (Payload Specialist (PS: payload specialist) / NASDA)

Results of experiments using Japanese equipment

1.Akira Takabayashi Mechanism of vestibular adaptation of fish under microgravity (Fujita)
Part of the brain, we understand the study of behavioral changes in weightlessness adaptation and the light reflecting back and destroyed the front yard free-swimming goldfish.

Moving fry out for the summer

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Young hands in training

Baby hands and baby fish.