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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Matsuyama x Itoh 3/11

14 days post spawn. A random fry. Already a nice curve to the back.

Culling Net

316 Stainless, netting, polyester thread, epoxy and Bory Bambo
About 2.5 inches in diameter
A taut net allows for a side view
Cutting the net.

Pigment Cell Tumors: Spontaneous cutaneous erythrophoromas and irido-melanophoromas

The pigmentary system: physiology and pathophysiology

Spontaneous cutaneous erythrophoromas and irido-melanophoromas



A few bags of food.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

SXK (RM) 11/10

Suzuki x Kageyama (RM) 11/10.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fry Tub Wet Table

The plywood tub is on recirculating water, the fry tubs float, air is weighted with ceramic insulators and the airstone is used to slowly drain water from the fry tubs back to the recirc system.  First tub is Matsuyama x Itoh (Lains) 3/17/11,  Matsuyama x Oishi (Lains) 3/17/11, Bristol Shubunkin (Parker Strain) (Calico x Calico incross) 3/18/11.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walter Worms: The incredibly easy fry food that's always on hand

Great to have on hand when you forget to set up brine shrimp.  They live under water for as long as a week.  Culture on oatmeal.

High def 720 available by clicking on the youtube logo and selecting the resolution you wish.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Suzuki x Kageyama (RM) 11/10

Oligochaete worm on Ranchu embryo

Matsuyama x Itoh (Lains) 3/11 Embryo 9 hpf

Matsuyama x Itoh (Lains) 3/11 5 hpf

Matsuyama x Oishi (Lains) 3/11

The female spawned in the net when I caught her. I rushed over and got the smallest drop of Oishi sperm and it was successful.


Matsuyama x Itoh (Lains) 3/11 Development Series

23C, 8.0 pH and 3 ppt Salt.

16 Cells
16 Cells

Natural spawn on moss

In vitro (squeeze) on plate

Already developing


Matsuyama female x Itoh and Oishi Males

The female Matsuyama (Hater) 08 is the redhead fish and the white with red behind the head or in front of the tail are Itoh (Boss) 09.


SXK watermark and QR Code


Suzuki x Kageyama (RM) 11/10 TVR