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Monday, August 27, 2012

Nitramax 2,000 bio cell bead filter

Found this Nitramax 2,000 bio cell bead filter on Craig's list 4 hours after it was posted. Like new with very little use, 2007 model 01790. Took a 2 hour drive to pick it up last night.  The media looks to be: WaterTek MB3 instead of bee cell. This will run the 500 gallon fiberglass pond.

NitraMAX pressurized pond filters were developed specifically for koi ponds; to deliver efficient filtering with minimum labor. Each NitraMAX filter features our exclusive Bee-Cell 2000 Moving Bed biofilter media that borrows natures perfect design.
NitraMAX pressurized pond filters were developed specifically for koi ponds; efficient filtering with minimum required maintenance. NitraMAX filters are extremely durable, easy to install, and are available in several sizes for water features up to 30,000 gallons.

NitraMAX Filter Tank
NitraMAX filter tanks, 15" through 26" diameters, feature a heavy-duty plastic shell. Models with 30" and 36" diameters feature strong commercial grade fiberglass construction with a smooth exterior gel-coat finish.
NitraMAX Servicing
Each NitraMAX comes with a six-way filter valve that allows easy servicing (15" through 26" diameter filters feature top mount valves, while 30" and 36" diameter filters feature side mount valves.) Do not turn valve while the filter and pump is operating.

NitraMAX Performance
Our patented 360 degree "full flow" filter internals promote optimum circulation during both the filtering and backwash cycles.

Filter Cycle
During the filtering cycle, the Bio Cell media creates a stable filter bed; surrounding the filter internals at the bottom of the tank. The Bee Cell media, after a short operating time accumulates a sticky bio flocculent material that holds the solid waste until it is backwashed.

Backwash Cycle
The reverse flow backwash cycle expands the Bio Cell media bed up into the filter tank, allowing circulating backwash water to knock off solid waste from both the outside and the inside of the Bio Cell media, then sending it out of the filter to waste. Highly effective cleaning cycle.

Remote Operating Location Capability
Because NitraMAX filters are pressurized they can be installed in a remote location and easily hidden away from the pond.

NitraMAX "Bio Cell" Moving Bed Media
Each Bio Cell 2000 unit is a specific size that combines self-cleaning characteristics with a highly protected surface area. The key to Bio Cell media performance is a protected surface area that provides a large enough space to allow captured solid waste to be flushed out, rather than trapped during the backwash cycle. The result, robust biofiltration combined with optimum solid waste backwashing.
Bio Cell biofilter media is constructed of "high impact" polystyrene offering 10,222 units per cubic foot at a specific surface area of 198 square feet or 2.79 cubic inches per unit.

Japanese Tin Ranchu (with a dorsal fin)

A new old toy.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

External Stand Pipe from Salvaged part

This is on the 500 gallon fiberglass pond. With the gate valve closed the water takes the higher route so te bottom plumbed tank can't drain completely. Open the valve and tank will drain.