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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fry tub airline Utube

In the floating fry tubs I like to keep things moving with an airstone. Before the eggs hatch and when the fry are on the bottom, the airstone can move around and damage or kill them. 

This is a simple little trick to keep the airstone off the bottom. 

Simply heat up a length of rigid airline with a lighter and bend it to the needed shape. 

Hugs the wall tightly and keeps the airstone off the floor of the tub.

This orignal piece was simply bent into a u. 

You can make then much more custom to the bowl by shaping to the lip of the bowl. 

To attach slide over the lip.

A little twist.

And you have a snug fit.

That will stay on the bowl.

For fine tuned air, and inline drip irregation valve can make fine adjustments or stop air right at the bowl. 

Back in place.

A tight fit.

This will also work in reverse for water using my airstone fry filter trick seen here.   Having the airstone off the bottom will prevent all the water from being removed from the bowl, as the slow flow and capillary action will drain all the water from the fry.