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Monday, April 28, 2014

Pompon spawning mops

The pompons are from Oriental Trading. They are lower quality than the green poly shakers but are 1/2 the price. I have them all floating in a tub of fresh water to see how they saturate. So far it might take a while, or a wash with soap to get them fully submerged and more weight maybe needed. The smallest sinking model will work great in a spawning tub, or for a squeeze media.

The kit

Float and weights
Aluminum fishing net float and ceramic insulators for electric fences

Cut off the handle


Handle removed

Feed the zip tie through the insulator then around the pompon, back through the insulator and zip the tie

The mechanism of the tie keeps it from falling through the insulator

The cut end of the zip tie is very sharp  
Melt it with a lighter to save your buckles and the fish's scales


Finished single sinking spawning mop

Triple (3 pompons) on a large ceramic insulator

Single floating spawning mop

Double floating spawning mop

Four versions

And a fifth version. 
Floating 4 PomPon spawning mop.