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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Airstone as a fry filter on airline tubing siphon

I poured of most of the water but want to get the 200 fry down to a cup of water. To remove the rest of the water I use an airstone as the intake filter on an airline siphon.
Moving week old fry from floating hatching tub to a 20 long nursery tank on the recirc system. The tank has a fairly small opening so I need to transfer the fry to a small bowl.

Set it up and walk away and come back to concentrated fry.

Down to just a puddle, wash them into the collection container.  You need to have a way to wash any fry that get stuck out of water back down into the pool of water.

225 to 250 Bristol Shubunkin Fry ready for the nursery tank.

The nursery tub, collection container, airline siphon with airstone as the intake filter and a wash bottle.

Free at last.