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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japanese Import System Nearly completed

Just a few loose ends to clean up.
 Drain for each tank with a check valve.

 How they'll be placed.

The 3 inch main drain line (elbow instead of tee)

Love my Milwaukee m12 drill!

Not an easy fit but very tight and water tight.

 Fitting the Uniseal tank adaptor 

Putting it all together.

2.5 Cubic Foot Aquabead. 

 1 x 1/2 for 1 foot airstones to be run by a LP80 Medo Linear Piston Blower.

The air system.

DIY UV 130 watts

The system all on top of the sump.

 A close up.  Always sign your work <}}}><

Cycling with DIY urea and Dr Tim's Bacteria.

 Nearly 200 square feet of ponds and nearly 400 cubic feet of water.

Now the fish can come home.