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Sunday, July 8, 2012

All of these breeds will be in the Japanese import

The shipment will include Osaka Ranchu, Top View Ranch, Top View Oranda, Ryukin, Wakin and Seibungyo (Metallic Blue Oranda)

From National Geographic vol. 17

Extraordinary Gold-fish
The gold-fish is the characteristically oriental domesticated fish. Its beautiful bright coloration and graceful form, with long, flowing fins, appeal most strongly to one's sense of the beautiful. It also is intensely interesting from the scientific standpoint, and proves a source of endless surprises to the biologist, for it is a plastic material with which skillful breeding can, within certain limits, do almost anything. Our gold-fish breeders seem to have understood the principle of
The history of the gold-fish is lost in obscurity. Like so many things in Japan, it seems to be an importation from China. There is a record that about four hundred years ago—that is, about the year 1500— some gold-fish were brought from China to Sakai, a town near Osaka. The breed then brought in is said to be that now known as the "wakin." There must also have been several later importations, and the Japanese must have improved vastly on the original forms, as in so many other cases of things introduced from foreign countries.