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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bristol Shubunkin (Goldfish Garage) 3/6/11: Development Series

Bristol Shubunkin Squeeze:

5 dpf swim bladder inflated 

Floating Fry Tub.

4.5 days old
4.5 days post fertilization (dpf) heart and gill arches.

84 hpf whole fry view.

84 hpf fry plate.

50 hours post fertilization group shot.

50 hours post fertilization side view.

50 hours post fertilization Dorsal view.

Ventral view of 36 hour old fry which is part of the Bristol Shubunkin 

Dorsal view of 36 hour old fry which is part of the Bristol Shubunkin 

24 hpf. The man in the moon.

24 hpf

20 hpf

A back view.

10 hpf

10 hpf

Bad egg.

5:30 pm Sunday 6 March 2011
5 hpf

5 hours post fertilization.
Midgefly larva on 5 hpf Bristol Shubunkin embryos.
You can tell it is an insect by it's eyes, antennae and legs.

Digiscoped through nikon e200 with an iPhone 4.

12:30 Sunday 6 March 2011
Very small but well documentable Bristol Shubunkin squeeze/spawn. They were spawning and eating their eggs till noon when I went to feed the fish. Hand spawned a small/tiny wildtype female to two males: an orange and black nacreous and a fairly good calico.

A new photo to add to the favorite picture file.
Will have to retake with a plate full of eggs.

Black and orange male below the petri dish.

Adults floating in a 20 inch pan floating in a plywood tub with the 6 inch petri floating in the pan.

Here is how I hand spawn Bristol Shubunkins.  Sorry the camera mount kept falling but you get the idea.  This was a small spawn of approximately 100 embryos.  When the plate hatched there were 3 bad eggs.