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Friday, December 3, 2010

Recirculating Systems

 Here's the basic concept of a recirculating tank at work:

All the tanks are plumbed to one of several sumps. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to get pictures. I tried this morning but there are tanks and tubes in the way. That's why I posted an old photo of the rack. Where I took that picture several years ago is not a 300 gallon Cube tank.

The basic concept is a tank is plumbed via bulkhead to a drain that leads to a sump. The sump is where your filtration is which leads to a pump and UV. The water is pumped from the sump to the tank, overflows the bulkhead and returns to the sump.

Here is a goldfish tank I installed for someone, I built the filter out of a 29 gallon tank:
This is my main filtration sump which is plumbed to drain so it can over flow. Water can be added to any tank and the sump over flows to drain:

All my larger tanks (and sumps) are plumbed to a system out one bulkhead or to drain with the other. This allows clean or dirty fish to be isolated or the fish to be kept on system or in a large water change style.

Here’s the main sump when it was being installed:

A bunch of pictures of the last major addition a year or so ago:

And a few various pictures of a trout tanks system and etc: