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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Some Instagram Love from EastCoastRanchu!!!

A Vital Resource that has helped me: Many years ago when my obsession with Ranchus first kicked in, I emailed this well known ranchu-breeder named David asking to purchase a goldfish. I waited for days and he didn't respond. And I thought to myself - what a jerk. So I sent him a short note "thank you for not responding". He finally replied back and he said, "Cynthia the most important virtue when it comes to goldfishkeeping is PATIENCE". Those words follow me to this day. And I'm embarrassed and fully appreciate and understood years later how things must've been for him. When his mailbox was full of orders. When he had to juggle his daytime job with his goldfish sales. I mention every now and then that there are 2 Davids who mentored me. He's one of those Davids. He didn't give me one on one training. Nothing like that. But I read his blog religiously ( and read every single post he writes on the forums. I soaked it all in. I built my fishroom following his. I bought supplies and equipment following his examples. This man is so generous with his genius. I respect him too much to bother him with questions which I can easily search answers for on his blog or in the forums he participated in. I hope you guys take the time to learn from him. When you go to and you get confusing advise -- look for the handle ICHTHIUS and see what his inputs are on those topics whether it's from years ago or current because for me, what he says is what I follow. #goldfishjunkie #goldfishunion #goldfishgarage
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goldiesugarball Great advice 😊

shoutout_france_👌 👌 👌 kzgoldiesGreat post! I'll have to look him up

julioavila7 Awesome!!!! duckbeepSo Handsome the one in the pic!!!

waverlygoldfishWe love his blog and it's been so cool to see all the different projects he has.

eastcoastranchu@lizam333 @kzgoldies @julioavila7 @duckbeep thank you 😄

eastcoastranchu@waverlygoldfish I'd be lost without him 😊 he's amazing 👍

eastcoastranchu@goldfishgarage 😜look at this -- I'm gossiping about you lol

goldfishgarage@eastcoastranchu ☺️wow, thank you for your kind words. I'm very glad to have helped you on your path as a true goldfish master. I'm always impressed by your fish, husbandry and the wonderful way of sharing them in social media. It's great to look back and see where your knowledge came from and how it's grown to become your own. It's a very humble and appreciative way to look at the world. Thank you.

eastcoastranchu@goldfishgarage can't move forward without looking back 🙏😊

goldfishgarage@eastcoastranchu You could never bother me with questions! You can learn as much as you teach from answering questions. At work I answer Zebrafish question from all over the world. I've gleaned knowledge by helping them. Some of the best tricks are from those who have to build their own systems.