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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MerLion Arowana Blog 11 - Ranchu Journey III - Monden San

MerLion Arowana Blog 11 - Ranchu Journey III - Monden San

  • In July 2000, after visiting Fukaim San, I visted one of the most stern ranchu breeder that I ever met! His name is Monden San. I am not able to recalled his ages etc but I knew he was an old warrior  in the ranchu Yatomi.

    Monden San was well respected within the Japan Ranchu Breeder community. He was very quiet and stern looking. He taught that one have to respect the work of breeder. How difficult it was to produce one beautiful Ranchu – a life long pursue. It is a “no joke” business.

    I saw in him that no amount of money could triumph the pride of a breeder! I learned from him that a breeder should have self-worth.

    I went to him with a budget of SGD300.00 - SGD500.00 per piece. He asked, "how many pieces are you looking for?" I replied, "3 pieces". I didn't know how his ranchu quality was and I am afraid to commit. I have learned from Haru San that it is not good to visit a breeder and not purchase any least a few pieces to show respect and appreciation...this is the Japanese culture.

    Why did we have to go through this? ...because he was not going to show me the whole farm just because I wanted to buy some ranchu. He would not risk the health of the ranchu just to cut a deal with me. To him, the ranchu health was much more important than any monetary gains. His priority was not my needs....or maybe, he has seen too many "arrogant" hobbyist who believe money was almighty. From him, I started to question about the ethics of a breeder...and the ethics of a hobbyist...and the ethical way of behaviour between the breeder and a hobbyist.

    ...Guess what? He showed me only 5 pieces and asked me to choose from them! Take it or leave it!...I was shocked! I though he would show me more. This was the first time that I was taught that "Customer is NOT King"!

    I bought 3 pieces...I wished I have more choices to choose from.

    This was Monden San.

    This was Mrs Monden. She was friendly. Ha!


     These were some of Monden San baby ranchu that were net into a round tub while waiting to be transfer into a new cleaned concrete tank. 

    I remember that there were some other photos of his ranchu but I couldn't find the negative. One of the ranchu that I was attracted to...I asked for the price...1 million yen! 

    Monden San ranchu was known to be late developer and usually, his nisai ranchu would win in competition and not his tosai ranchu. This was for me, a lesson about bloodline....and maybe to some "serious" not judge fish by its current appearance...understand the "roots" of its bloodline! An ugly duckling now can turn into a beautiful swan in the future!

    For arowana... Usually is the other way...due to many "improved" way of beautifying the juvenile arowana, they are being mistaken as high quality arowana. Many hobbyist are lacking in knowledge or purely ignorant. The worse is, some hobbyists are "smart aleck" thinking they can outwit the skill of unscrupulous breeders and traders.....(we will discuss all these in detail the future if time permitted)

    In my next blog...I will share with you the breeder who taught me about ranchu breeding...

    1733hrs 18th May 2013