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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Culling, the hard part: SXK 1/6/13 about a week old

The worst part of the process is culling. It's made easier by knowing the out come will be better and by having the right hand made tools for the job.  Here are all my hand made nets.
1.25 inch pan net

Overdose ms-222

The early process (1 week+, first 50%) is a continual cull for obvious defects and runts. They are culled into a floating Petri dish with an overdose of ms-222 aka tricane.

This way they are continually put to sleep and you don't second guess yourself by staring into a dish of culls, tempted to give this or that one a second chance.

Suzuki x Kageyama (SXK) Topview Ranchu 10 dpf spawned 1/6/13