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Friday, June 8, 2012

Azuma Nishiki: Japanese Calico Oranda WEB Content

These are examples from youtube to show the various types.

"Azuma Nishiki" was Created by KATOU Kinzou in 1931 Yokohama. This type is called "Hon Azuma" (True Azuma. Original Azuma.) now. It had been popular Fish as Ranchu. Even a famous old Ranchu club has the name from it. but It lost popularity for some reasons. and then because the Head is not enough fat. Suzuki Fish Farm crossed it with "Hama Nishiki". that line is called "Suzuki Azuma". Suzuki Azuma is now the most popular and looks good. Those 2 lines has different Head Face & Cheak also the Color. "Hon Azuma" has more Pale Sky Blue on Body. Round head like Oranda. and It should have Red head, Front Spread side Tail bones and Snake Eye Dots on Tail.

Suzuki Azuma-Nishiki (Azuma-Nishiki x Hama-Nishiki 1979) The Head (Funtan = Cheak Bump, Tokin = Helmet), Body and Texture of Colors are different from Hon-Azuma.

Original Azuma-Nishiki. (Original Oranda x Calico Dragon Eye.1931)