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Monday, April 2, 2012

Freak Snow Storm Damages Hatchery Tank Filtration

On March 23 we got our first and last snow of the year.
No one was really expecting the snow but 7.5 inches fell at the airport and closer to 10 here in the hills. A Douglas Fir limb landed on the hatchery tank system's zapp pure uv breaking the clear union threads that attach and draining the system. This caused two tanks to completely drain. It was last years Bristol Shubunkin (Parker strain) and the late summer Matuyama x Itoh that had been raised and over wintered out side. They were high and dry for possible a day. Good thing they were cold as most revived but are now succumbing to their injuries. The Ranchu were moved inside with the bristols soon to follow.

Fortunately the system was out together with ferncos. A few twists of a nut driver and a scrap price of two ich pipe the zapp pure was bypassed.