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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Japanese Vendor's DIY wooden tubs

Introducing the manufacture process of your own boat being used by breeding Ranchu

As I wrote, even "breeding environment", but also use your own boat made of plastic or plastic boat, along with the boat, such as made of FRP. I think here, and I want to write a step-by-step manufacturing process of the boat of 180 × 90 are currently using. Described in the illustration since I did not take any pictures in the middle of production. Compared with other plastics, such as off-the-shelf boat and boat Neri, which can make eyes the size of a full fit in the available space, there are advantages such as the water depth can be a little deeper. Anyone who follows the do-it-yourself and make your own fun.

◆ ◆ material
● (I think it's okay a little more narrow.): 6 to 7 4m thickness (a tatami mat minute) ranked timbers ● My two 4cm × 5cm size 3 × 6 control panel 
● (things such as thick as possible in mono use, such as tablecloths are sold at home centers) 4.5m (approx. thickness 3cm) ● plastic foam sheet 2 6 3 × size 
● services, bond woodwork, silicon, such as paint

◆ ◆ tool
Circular Saw Major Hotchkiss, carpenter's square, clamps, saws, cutters, for working wood, electric, and electric drill

◆ ◆ make the bottom step ①
Make a bottom plate with screws as shown in the timbers of size control panel 3 × 6. Attaches at a right angle to the side of the plate when you turn later and keep clean the outer surface of the timbers align the outer periphery of the control panel and at this time. Place by inserting the foam as insulating material in the shaded portion of the figure after it.

Off the plate for the side ② ◆ ◆ process
Turn off the control panel as shown in the figure, and then for the side plate. 30.3cm width that has no special meaning only by the odd material so there is no material in relation to take. You can adjust if you long if you want a deep depth.

Screws for the side plate ③ ◆ ◆ process
The screws on the bottom side cut made in ② ①. Then at right angles to as much as possible against the bottom plate at this time. Also, there is no problem, because to secure timbers in a subsequent step using the butt end of this side, but do not overlap each other in relation to the dimensions of the material. If you want to consider the angle to suit your look clean, you may want to cut (twice the thickness of the control panel) 2.5cm about any aspect ① When you create a bottom in the process. This strength is not related to a matter of look, so put the timbers on the corner screws only.

◆ ◆ reinforcing process using timbers ④
Both on the top and attach the timbers to make it easier to tension the plastic sheet to prevent swelling and fixed to each other with using the side timbers as shown in the figure. And side is fitted between the inner blocks of Styrofoam insulation.

◆ ◆ paint process paint ⑤
I think this step, although not absolutely necessary, and for waterproof and good, and you think it looks painted appearance of something so easy to get wet in the water. Outer frame is now complete. Hold out the plastic when it is complete or paint dry.

◆ ◆ step off the plastic ⑥
Turn off the plastic sheet as shown in the figure below for the first time. Suitable width is okay because the red part is the yellow part is the part fixed to the top of the wooden frame in the overlap width. This was about 10cm. I would become so bonded with two sheets of 120cm width I hope I make in one really. Hold out a clean sheet is wrinkled and without entering the place to cut slightly smaller than inside dimension of crate.

◆ ◆ process plastic hull ⑦
Fit firmly on the corner on the inside of the plastic crate Once out, we will put together with silicon (the red part of the figure) overlap width. You have to firmly and batten vinyl is so deviated between the silicon to dry at this time. Silicon bonded while expelling air bubbles coated with plenty of long runs off, to fill the gap while arranged in such a silicon spatula also protruding. The securely fastened with screws and staple them to the trees for wood to wood frame portion of the yellow in the figure when the solidified silicon to about one day, if you can rely on it. And to prevent water leakage paint the silicon further if necessary to ensure adhesion of the silicon part. Boat is now complete at least. Fabrication process is omitted because as simple as a wooden frame stretched the net, but this time I made a lid together.

◆ ◆ complete
Completion of the boat is homemade approximately 300 liters of water. Because there is a gradual change in temperature into the foam mat side, on the bottom. Although this was the size of the above to make effective use of material, is useful because you can Omoidori according to the size of the space unlike a commercially available product.

Introducing the manufacture process of your own boat being used by breeding Ranchu

Here you can introduce your boat has made a fairly simple compared to the (Part1). I think this is enough for this boat you will use it in a flat, vinyl-clad veranda floor. I think if there would also completed two to three hours, so even cheaper cost, if the location has a solid and recommended it. I made at that location to determine which move from the location because it is difficult to make.

◆ ◆ material
● (including minutes of the lid), 4 to 5 place 4m thickness 3.5cm × 4cm 2cm 2 thick timbers ● My 4.2m length 30cm width glulam 
● Items that two to three times the normal blue sheet of durability, but was planned in a blue sheet that sells (such as home improvement (thickness 2cm) ● sheet size 3.6m × 2.7m 3 6 3 × polystyrene foam sheet I tried to use there. price is increased a little from the usual blue sheet. color. mouse color because there was of course) 
● bis

◆ ◆ tool
(Such as staples for working wood) Major, carpenter's square, saws, cutters, Tucker, circular saw, impact driver.

Make the outer frame ◆ ◆ ① process
Make the outer frame as shown in the photograph with the first laminated lumber. This was the size of 240cm × 90cm outer dimensions and materials in relation to the length of the installation space of the veranda. (Inside dimension is slightly smaller in Dari crowded like a styrofoam plate, put the timbers of reinforcement or so.)

◆ ◆ ② process
◆ ◆ put the timbers of the reinforcement at the corners
Was reinforced with timbers they were just screwing the cut surface of laminated wood strength is weak, because it was worried to withstand the water pressure. I put the reinforcement on the outside as shown in the pictures so I thought it difficult to work and be a step later when you put the seat foam and the reinforcing material and put the inside.

◆ ◆ ③ process
◆ ◆ put the Styrofoam
Turn on the foam also serves as a protective piece of plastic sheet to put in insulation and process ④ inside bottom and sides of the border. I think Styrofoam insulation, cushioning material, and as effective as it is thick. This time I used one of 2cm thickness

◆ ◆ hull ④ process sheet
And span the next sheet. It can be seen in the way you have different tension of this sheet, to a satisfactory finish did not become the work was carefully think there is probably also affect the durability. I think it takes a considerable burden on the water pressure when filled with water and seems to have stretched the corners of the bottom four corners in the state and does not contain water, was about to touch a little slack. Wooden frame was fixed to the sheet in certain parts of Tucker wrapped on the outside of the sheet from crawling on the water.

Prevention of swelling ◆ ◆ process ⑤
I put a support in order to prevent inflated by water pressure at the top of the wooden frame. There is a perfect effect to measure the size and make in the state are not filled with water. This was fitted with screws from the top is not. Mounting, but this time did not increase the strength it will be swollen because the entire bottom of the control panel, etc. should also swell if the original bottom. If the breeding is all right so Ranchu deeply because it does not much depth.

◆ ◆ complete process ⑤
I made just to be sure, but I thought even with the lid or do not need this boat is because you have installed on the second floor veranda. I think there will be little temperature rise in summer air in relation to location, and let's start with this first breeding.