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Monday, August 15, 2011

Midnight Shubunkin Male x Japanese Shubunkin Female (melanoma) 8/15/11 spawn

Today I found a Japanese Shubunkin female caught up on the pond netting that drooped into the pond.  She was dripping with bright orange eggs when I picked her up.  I floated her in a tub, gathered some hornwort and caught the midnight male from the pond.  Squeezed them over the hornwort and got them back into the pond.  While the female isn't a midnight she is so melanistic that I noticed she was missing a pelvic fin.  A closer look revealed that it had been replace with a melanoma.  
Hopefully black to black = more black.

The Midnight Shubunkin Male.  He's been crossed to
Bristols and now Japanese Shubunkins this season.

Japanese Shubunkin Female (melanoma) crossed (IV) to midnight Shubunkin 
male on hornwort. Missing a pelvic fin due to melanoma.  Bright orange eggs.