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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cooking With Tequila Class: Do you keep Goldfish? Do you want a couple TVR? (Jaw hits floor)

My wife sprang a cooking class on me last night: cooking with tequila. I happened to be wearing my Ranchu Breeders Social XI shirt that I customized with a few extra picture of Ranchu. After a few dishes and tequila shots the guy at the table next door asks if I keep goldfish and I reply yes... What followed nearly made my jaw hit the floor. He asked do you want a couple tvr? What the hell? He lives two blocks up the street and has two male oishi from NeoRanchu's last import that he was looking for a good home for. Small freaking world. Thank you Tequila, Thank you PETE!
Here they are, two very hansom male Oishi from the Neoranchu June 2006 Import. I believe this is the last import of TVR from Japan I'm not in the hunt for suitable females to pair them up with. There are a few candidate girls that I'm hoping can visit my fishroom to produce a next generation. I doubt anyone will be willing to permanently part with their priceless girls but there is a commercial source that may be able to help me. If I can not find suitable mates they'll be heading off to another good home to hopefully keep the Oishi line alive and well in the States, and preferably Oregon. ;)
Thier current and soon to be former home.